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About Rocket League Teams

Rocket League Teams is a single developer project and was created to help the growing number of players looking to meet like-minded players and join teams of varying competitiveness. We want to help amateur esports athletes reach their potential by providing the tools necessary to get ahead in the sport.

So who am I?

Hi, I'm kniFely.

Ever since my fingers could reach WASD I've been an avid gamer. I'm a big fan of eSports and love the competitive gameplay.

Rocket League Teams is my third project that revolves around helping players find teams and other players. I started CSGO Team Finder in 2013 and it grew to 180,000 member in under 2 years. After that, I created which is catered to Rainbow Six: Siege players and teams.

Happy Fragging

- Mike 'kniFely' Messerli

Need Help?

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback get in touch in one of the following ways: