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My peak 2v2 MMR is 1062, one win away from C1. I was solidly in D3 for a while until Season 11 placements wrecked my 2v2 rank and I haven't played much since. I'm trying to get back up to D3 and then finally reach champ.

I'd like to say that my playstyle is well-balanced between mechanics and game sense, but in reality I probably lean toward one or the other. I'm not sure which one though. If I could get a second opinion on that, it would be great.

What I'm decent at: shooting, dribbling (just keeping the ball on the car roof, not doing anything with it), demos, boost management, and (I think) positioning.

What I'm ok at but not super good at: flicks (I can only do an extremely basic flick that works about 60% of the time), double taps, and ground-to-air dribbles.

What I'm bad at: any sort of air dribble beyond a simple carry. Also probably everything else not on the previous lists.

What I think holds me back: not having any long-term teammates (which is why I'm here) and also frequently jumping into ranked without a proper warmup.

What satisfies me: good comms, no toxicity, and development, even if the rank doesn't increase.

If you want to see some of my gameplay, I auto-upload all my replays to using BakkesMod. Just search for "WoeyJonkers"


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