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🟣 G6 Esports 🟣

Hello gamers! Are you looking for a team? A place to chill with friends? Want to rank up and get better? Worry no more!! Come join the 🟣 G6 Esports Server 🟣 and you will find all that today.

We offer the following: -Valorant, Rocket League and Rainbow 6 Siege team sign ups. -A community where all types of players belong -Free advice and coaching πŸ“ƒπŸŽ“ -Tournaments to participate to earn special roles πŸ†(Rocket League only) -A competitive team for most ranks!βš”οΈ -Lots of giveaways just for you!πŸŽ‰

We are currently looking for : -More StaffπŸ” -Server partnerships🀝 -Players to join our team πŸ“© -And more!πŸ’₯

All ranks are welcome, come grow with us and make a name for yourself At 🟣 G6 Esports Server 🟣 Dm me if you want to join us or join the link below.


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