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Astral eSports is recruiting players from all ranks to push their limits on different Leagues!!!

Astral eSports is a new Organization that's still growing, looking to start building teams with the goal of having players willing to improve and advance through the RL ranks while showing the competition what they have to offer. We are an NA-based organization with lots in the works for the next weeks and months starting with expanding the number of rosters we have!

What we are looking for

  • Players of all ranks willing to improve and dedicate themselves to aspiring at their rank and beyond.

  • Coaches with or without past experience willing to teach the ropes to the lower ranks!

  • A growing community that will hopefully participate in any events we offer!

  • Content Creators with a passion to show everyone what our Org is all about!

What we have to offer

  • Multiple tournament rosters, an RLCS roster, and community events with game nights and in-house tourneys

  • A fun and engaging active community

  • With your help, we will have teams committed to improving themselves weekly!

What we already have

  • Casters willing to cast games for our Tournaments and for our players during their League Matches!

  • Several teams of different ranks heading into BLCS, the Skyward Series, RLCS, etc.!

  • A growing community looking for others to join!

Come check us out today, we would be glad to have anyone on board!


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